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Tomáš Jetela



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Tomáš Jetela (1986) is exceptional on the Czech art scene in his generations because he is a consistent figuralist. The author, who’s style can be described as expressive, raw and authentic, expresses another dimension of emotions and context through his work. Among the terms that play a crucial role in this measurement is the word expression. On the one hand, it is linked to constant effort to touch the inner side in a concentrated manner or, on the contrary, to empty his face, where, together with the accent on hand gestures, he focuses his painterly attention mainly. On the other hand, it includes a distinctive expression that forms the basis of his visual message. In fact, during the production of specific formal expressions based on a free combination of painting, drawing and collage.


Painting connected with drawing linearity and clippings from books or magazines is also the starting point for his current visual manuscript. His way of working - it allows him to creatively use other qualities of individual media to help the emotional side of images, indicate an unexpected context or influence the focus of his compositions. It is the inconspicuous, but as a result all the more effective connection of the body's games with the layered way that lies in the formal mediation of the essence of the special appeal of Tomáš Jetala's expressive and expressive painting.


The topic of his work is people, or rather people, because they are often solitaires. Although these are characters that have no direct connection with the author, it is clear from the way they are depicted that the relationship with them is almost certainly not neutral. From this point of view, it is possible to speak of his painting as personal, and because they know that it is often used as a model by world-famous artists, it is not a personality. It also supports Jetela's habit of quoting some of the stylistic mannerisms of popular painters, be it Bacon, Goya or Schiele.



2005 – 2011

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studios of Jiří Lindovský and Michael Rittstein



Superhero, Galerie Paul 13, Paris, 2023

Magic Monsters, Nova Sin Gallery, Prague, 2022

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